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Hồ Chí Minh
4 năm
Kinh doanh / Bán hàng
Trưởng nhóm / Giám sát
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Mô tả về công việc

* General role:

- To manage all aspects including activities, inventory and storage, sales plan, merchandising and budget, staff training and management, customer service, trending of the Bang Olufsen brand in line with the commercial strategies approved by the management and always within TamSon high standards of image and services.

- Work closely with retail and marketing departments to prepare and participates in ongoing campaigns, events and other activities.

* Major responsibilities:

- Build up and implement sales strategy/ plans and the annual budget to anticipate sales revenue and expenses as well as achieve net profitability for the brand based on market trends, sales objectives and inventory control.

- Prepare weekly sales summary and monthly reports per requirement.

- Cultivate a proper buying strategy, based on the specificity of your stores (demand, inventory and sales objectives).

- Manage inventories in a pro-active way in order to increase the sales and keep a financially healthy stock level, ensuring that needed stock is available, regularly reordering.

- Make sure all sales activities properly processed according to the company’s procedures.

- Maintains store display and environment with company set standard of daily operation.

- Develop the customer database and good relationship with them.

- Respond to customers’ inquiries and issues in a timely and appropriate manner - always be present and back-up your team in case of conflicts.

- Employ, train and retain high quality staff with desirable skills and knowledge about products, sales, customer service, and merchandising skills, at the right compensation level in line with Tam Son’ standards.

- Motivate the sales team, create a sense of team spirit, discipline and mutual respect as well as keep track of each individual performance by defining tasks, setting goals, providing feedback and proper support.

- Comply company’s policies and procedures to control annual leaves and any headcount change.

- Assist, propose to the marketing and retail department to implement any communication activities in-and outside the store.

- Keep up with maintenance and renovation works, in line with the agreed budget.

- Other duties/ tasks as assigned by the management.

Yêu cầu công việc

- Minimum of four years of working experience in retail/ wholesales and/or customer service, preferably within luxury goods or consumer electronics as well as the network in the industry.

- Technical understanding is an advance.

- Experience in a senior management role.

- Demonstrated leadership ability/ team management (strong leadership attitude).

- Fluent in English.

- Good communication: Eloquent, orally as well as in writing and interpersonal skills: Communicate well with clients and colleagues.

- Commercial mindset, result and customer oriented, strong competitive attitude.

- Be a responsible, trustworthy and hardworking team player with good integrity and exceptional work ethic.

- Comfortable making decisions within area of expertise.

- Able to work under pressure and meet deadlines.

- Be flexible i.e. able to work shift hours, weekends and public holidays when required.

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29 - 39
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- Trao đổi khi phỏng vấn.
English - Trung cấp

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Openasia Group

43 Nguyễn Thượng Hiền, Hà Nội

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- VPDD Openasia Group Limited tại Hà Nội.

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