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Mô tả về công việc

- Received shipment plan from Packing Dept.

- Creating shipping documents & sending to buyer for approval.

- Creating & submitting shipping instruction, ISF, container load plan & sending to FWD.

- Checking FCR/ BL/ AWB & reconfirming with FWD.

- Sending VAT INV of local charges together with supporting docs to Acc Dept for payment.

- Collecting original customs dox from trucking company.

- Creating & submitting C/O.

- Sending original shipping documents including C/O to both FWD & buyer.

- Creating monthly export report.

Yêu cầu công việc

- Bachelor’s degree in foreign trade or import export.

- English communication.

- Excel skill.

Thông tin khác

Cao đẳng trở lên
22 - 35
2 months
8h00/ day
- Trao đổi khi phỏng vấn.
English - Trung cấp

Nộp đơn trực tiếp

Fashion Garments

KCN Biên Hòa 2, Biên Hòa, Đồng Nai

Người liên hệ: Ms. Trinh

- Fashion Garments LTD, one of the Pioneering apparel exporters in Vietnam. We are a 100% foreign Investment Company established in Dong Nai in 1994 under Viernam Regulation. Fashion Gaments Ltd is a Subsidiary of Hirdaramani Group, Sri Lanka ( and LT Apparel USA (

- We have Garment Manufacturing Knowledge and Experience 15 year of Operating in Vietnam. Further Hirdaramani Group has manufacturing Facilities India, Bangladesh and has sourcing facilities in China, Hong Kong in Order to support sourcing manufacturing facilities. As our Mission Says “expectations through operational excellence, that’s the Passion of Fashion” we are Committed to exceed customer expectations hence we have geared all our Operational process to align to Our Mission.

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