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Công Ty Cổ Phần Expertrans

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Hà Nội
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- To develop business, market and client allocated by the Company; to exploit the domestic, Asian, EU and American markets as specified in the Company`s development roadmap.- To launch Sales & Marketing, to search for clients via online channels (Email); to cooperate with the sales department and database center to set up prospect database and client approach.- To manage, serve, develop and establish the customer relationship; to conclude sales, create revenue from traditional accounts and accounts offered by Marketing Department, the Company`s advertisement channels and the Global Business Partner System.- To work closely with the Management and line managers (Marketing, Vendor Sales; Sales manager, Project manager, Freelancer Manager) to develop sales development strategy in accordance with 5 year plan (2013- 2018) and the Company’s objectives.- To search, recruit, manage and train the Global Sales Business Partner, to push sales, and support Business Partner to increase sales revenue and assist other Sales Representatives in other markets to manage the Business Development Executive and set up Business Development Department.- To work with Project Management Department to initiate the projects assigned by clients; to follow up the projects till completion and goods delivery are conducted; to offer pre and post-sales customer care services.- To manage the account system, allocate clients, develop and initiate the periodic sales strategy; to develop price strategy and supervise the rivals (Top100 LSP Worldwide); to update the industry trends, applying management technology; to set up Global Sales Network; to maintain and develop the relation with Global Business Partner network.

Yêu cầu công việc

- Desire for progress in the career and wish to set up a Global Network, ambitious, enthusiastic and love to work, easy-going, love the cross-culture environment, tourism, studious, adventurous and not fear prior to difficulties; flexible working hours; able to go on overseas business trip.- Working motives: to develop yourself and become an expert in the field you choose; to have opportunity to support Vietnamese enterprises to introduce to the world.- Skills of sales, leadership, management, recruitment, training, motivating, establishing relation, renovation, creative and networking.

Thông tin khác

Cao đẳng trở lên
18 - 40
Giờ hành chính
- Have opportunity to work in the developing industry, be facilitated to learn, affirm and develop yourself.
- Join our team with business culture: “Expertrans- The second home: “Become the key personnel for the start-up of Expertrans business with ambitious aim”.
- Can update and get close to different languages, people and cultures.
- Have high promotion ability when the company is planning for strong development in international market.
- Thirteenth salary month and enjoy revenue and welfare regimes of the Company.
- Other regimes and welfares under Vietnam`s Labor Law.

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Công Ty Cổ Phần Expertrans

Số 62, Ngõ 19, Đường Trần Quang Diệu, Đống Đa, Hà Nội

Người liên hệ: Ms.Ly

- Expertrans Global is a new brand of CNN Translation Company (www.cnntranslation.com) which has 10 years of experience in the language industry in Vietnam. After years of effort, we are proud to be the company heading towards the professionalism, innovation, and focusing on human development.- In this way, we continue our endeavor and promote a new vision which is to rank among the World`s Top 50 LSPs by 2020. We wish to look for candidates and partners for the Company`s development under the vision.- At ExperTrans, you can develop your career in a global language services company and also have the opportunity of becoming a shareholder as ESOP Distribution Policy is implemented during the next 3 years. We look forward to building up a model of global company in Vietnam (Expertrans Global Model) and helping 100 Vietnamese enterprises reach global market by 2020.- With the slogan "Get a life not get a Job", you do not just work in Expertrans but also experience a new culture. "Expertrans - the second home" - where we always want to create an environment that helps employees feel joyful and happy in their career.
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